Patriot Energy Vision and Mission Statements

Patriot Energy believes oil and gas investments are the backbone of the American economy.  Through diligent and responsible management, careful selection of assets, and open communications with our investing partners, Patriot Energy provides investment opportunities in oil and gas wells for sale in North America.

Mission Statement

We allow individual accredited investors the opportunity to participate in working interest direct participation of oil wells for sale in the most productive and profitable pay zones in America.

Vision Statement

Patriot Energy is a model energy investment company.  We uphold the principals of integrity, honesty, proper due diligence, open communication and respect for our investors and our employees.  We strive to add value by discovering and packaging attractive oil well investments for our client’s portfolios.

Core Values

  • Treat everyone with dignity, respect and honor – We practice this internally with our employees and it ripples out to our vendors, stakeholders and customers.
  • Invest wisely – We work hard to select quality investment assets and analyze them for maximum profit potential for our investors.
  • Excellence – We strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • Social Responsibility – In an industry and an era that is under the highest scrutiny, we are committed to being responsible stewards in all areas of our operation.
  • Integrity – Defined as delivering on what you say you will deliver.   When we say “X”, we intend to deliver “X”.
  • Fairness – We treat our employees fairly, we honor our vendor’s trust and investment in our success, and we especially treat our clients with the utmost fairness in all dealings.
  • Play – We work hard, and we enjoy our downtime too.  Rest and play refreshes the soul.

Growth Strategy

  • Cautiously analyze and carefully develop assets in proven reserve areas that have the matrix of profit potential for our investors.
  • Constantly scour the marketplace for prospects with the highest possible return with the lowest risk for our investors.
  • Maintain a high degree of conservatism in selecting wells that should be viable in most market conditions, repeating the process with others that fit the criteria.
  • Focus on legacy oil and gas wells for sale where proven reserves already exist.
  • Have an America-First perspective.   Operate in such a way that helps to maximize American energy independence.
  • Utilize our creative resources in the media and through public relations to promote the message of “American Oil From American Soil,” creating public awareness of the positive aspects of the oil and gas business.
  • Focus on safety in all operations, with a primary focus on social responsibility, insuring we are good community citizens in the areas we develop.