Patriot Energy: Our History of Oil Field Investments

Oil Field Investments with Patriot EnergyHeadquartered in the heart of Downtown Dallas, Patriot Energy was founded in 2008 on the principal of “American Oil From American Soil”.  Collectively, our team has been participating in the growth of the shale oil revolution since it began.   We cut our teeth in and around Texas and know the plays here well.  Currently, we are focusing mostly in the Permian Basin of West Texas, where we are developing almost 4,000 acres that has a history of producing in the prolific Wolfcamp and Sprayberry shale formation zones of the Permian.

Patriot Energy provides ownership opportunities for oil field investments to accredited individuals, trusts and other high net-worth entities looking to add the benefits of direct participation working interest to their investment portfolios.

Patriot Energy also has assets in other sections of south and eastern Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Our Fundamental Principles

We subscribe to the following foundational principals to guide success for our clients:

  • Diligence

    We research every prospect diligently, drawing on over a combined 100 years of oil and gas experience.

  • Value

    We increase the value of our prospects by controlling costs and maximizing potential reserves when possible.

  • Partnership

    We attain key strategic partnerships inside and outside the industry to help us stay on the cutting edge of exploration and production.

  • Investment

    Our people are our greatest asset.  We invest in our employees and are constantly educating ourselves to the best techniques and methods in the field.

  • Exploration

    We acquire assets in basins we know well, such as the Permian in west Texas.  We have years of experience in this particular area, and know its nuances well.  We extend that same familiarity to other prospects we choose.  If we don’t understand the area, we pass.