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Patriot Energy President Michael Miller

Michael Miller


Michael Miller is founder and President of Patriot Energy, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas. He began his oil and gas career in 2001, and then in 2004 he co-founded Breitling Oil and Gas, becoming Chief Investment Officer. In 2013 Breitling Oil and Gas became what is now Patriot Energy, with Miller as President.

During his 14 years in oil and gas, Michael has been involved in analyzing, acquiring and funding some 200 prospects. In Texas alone, he participated in deals in Palo Pinto, Sterling, Montague, Jim Wells, Brown, Colorado, Parker, Dawson, Live Oak, Colorado, Taylor and Nueces counties, just to name a few. His experience extends to wells in Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Michigan, and Illinois.

Michael learned the business from the ground up, from prospect analysis to negotiation and funding. He eventually gravitated primarily to financing a wide variety of well projects.

Michael is also a sports buff, favoring football, basketball and baseball, and has AM sports radio on at his desk most of the workday. He would be formidable completion in any type of sports trivia. He is also an avid heath enthusiast, spending hours each week working out, including spin cycling at 5:30 am, boxing, and a unique stretching regimen that maintains his very lean and trim frame.

Prior to the oil and gas industry, he spent several years in concrete, rebar and steel construction supply, giving him a good understanding of complex above-ground construction that led to his ability to better understand underground oil and gas well construction.